There’s Something About This Zara’s Shirt That Brings to Mind a Certain Genocide


Discount retail clothing provider Zara, home of the easily-emulated style of Kate Middleton that women ages 27-34 would kill for, has found itself in some hot water this morning.

What’d they do? Well, does that above shirt remind you of anything? Here it is, again.


That’s their ‘Sheriff’ pajama shirt for kids. The thing there on the right, it looks REMARKABLY similar to the identifying, Star of David patches Jews were forced by Germans to wear at the onset of the Holocaust.


Oh, yea. Yea it does. Oops.

Following an outcry, Zara pulled the offending item from their stores and online site.

Which is good, but man. How does that get through quality control?

[Zara shirt image via @JefferyGoldberg; Jewish couple via the History Channel