KFC Wants To Make You Fatter, Will Deliver Buckets Of Chicken On-Demand In L.A. And San Francisco

KFC has announced it will begin delivering giant buckets of its ultra-healthy fried chicken in Los Angeles and San Francisco, marking the first time Colonel Sander’s soldiers will be making deliveries in the United States. And it begins TODAY.

However, and this is key, this shit won’t be coming to your door without a steep delivery fee between $4.99 and $6.99. Add that to the food order itself and the tip — unless you’re a cheap asshole — and you’re not just ordering takeout, you’re making a very strong commitment to not giving a fuck about anything.

KFC has partnered with DoorDash to process orders through its app or website, and Houston is supposedly the next city on the list, with possibly more to come.

Your move, Popeyes. May we suggest a delivery push on the East Coast?

[via The Modesto Bee]