The Brilliantly Dumb Show’s Top 5 Discoveries Of 2020

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It’s safe to say that 2020 has gotten off to a pretty miserable start worldwide. In a world with not a whole lot of bright spots right now, The Brilliantly Dumb Show took on a question for the “ask bob segment” of what would be my top 5 discoveries of 2020 that have made the year not so bad after all. I would be lying if I told you that this wasn’t a challenging task, but as the segment went on, the list really started to fall into place.


5. Lululemon Boxers

Are they overpriced? Absolutely. But my goodness can a new pair of boxers come into your life and rock your world. $50 boxers should feel like $50 boxers and that is exactly what I got with my new 2020 set of Lululemon trousers.

4. Trader Joe’s

With a mandatory quarantine that started the year off, I really have been able to spend some time at everybody’s favorite supermarket, Trader Joes. I hate to say it but heading over to TJs might very well be the best part of my day at this point. 2020 has strengthened my relationship with Trader Joe’s and I don’t think that will slow down any time soon.

3. Shawshank Redemption

It’s beyond embarrassing for me that it took me until 2020 to watch this masterpiece of a movie but it did. Had I not been in quarantine who knows how long it would have been until Morgan Freeman came onto my big screen with this classic. A great movie that I should have seen long before 2020.

2. TikTok

Although it appears the Donald might be banning the app for good, TikTok has been a godsend for me with the amount of time I have been able to waste on it. By far the most addicting app out there and a discovery that I can’t get enough of.

1.Air Fryers

Maybe the most slept on thing of this shit show of a year are air fryers. It amazes me that these things aren’t in 99% of households by now. A product that I got to start the year and will never turn back on. Get yourself an air fryer immediately and just know The Brilliantly Dumb Show told you first.

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