Craig Engels Is The ‘Redneck Prefontaine,’ A Serial Entrepreneur, And A Damn Good Runner

This week on “We Run This”, we’re joined by middle-distance runner, Nike Oregon Project member, and all-around character, Craig Engels.

Engels’ natural running ability might not even be in the top ten most interesting things about the 25-year-old Ole Miss grad.

In 2015, Engels missed the cut for the Olympic roster by one spot in the 800m and two spots in the 1500m but he’d much rather talk about the time he quit college and bought an RV to take across the country.

The RV broke down almost immediately and Engels ended up finishing school.

He won the mile at the 2020 BU John Thomas Terrier Classic indoor meet in Boston, finishing at a blistering 3:56.85 time, but he’d much rather tell you about his side business like buying beat-up old boats off Craigslist and fixing them to sell.

In this interview, the charismatic Engels discusses finding a passion for running track – after getting kicked off the high school soccer team for mooning a coach – committing to Ole Miss on the day of his visit and never leaving campus, people assuming he’s not taking the sport seriously because he’s having so much fun, and his next passion project – converting a double-decker bus into a party bus.


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