Dan Barry On Finding Humor In Tragedy And Accidentally Being On A Reality Show With Mick Foley

My guest on the show today is comedian, wrestler, and adopted son of Ireland, Dan Barry.

THE Dan Barry.

Dan debuted back in 2001, before the world tweeted, TikToked, or wore a mask everywhere.

Dan has wrestled for a slew of different indie promotions including the New York Wrestling Connection, Combat Zone Wrestling, Beyond Wrestling, and the House of Hardcore.

He’s also the good half of Team Tremendous.

When we recorded this show, the wrestling world had just lost Brodie Lee, and Dan and I talked about trying to find humor in even the saddest of situations.

Finding funny things to talk about proves itself helpful for Dan’s other line of work. He’s a stand-up comedian. Well, he will be once we’re all allowed to go to comedy clubs again.

Dan’s wrestling experience and comedy chops also came in handy on a random afternoon at a wrestling school when he bumped into his old friend, Mick Foley.

“I bought a zip-up hoodie from this wrestling school and I stopped by to pick it up. I figured ‘I’ll just stop in, say hi to Mick, and go home. As I walk in, Mick goes ‘oh, Dan can train my daughter.'”

Foley was in the middle of filming the pilot for his eventual reality TV show, Holy Foley. Dan had stumbled into the middle of a taping and the producers liked his banter with Mick so much, they added Dan to the show. He became Mick’s “old pal” and trainer to Mick’s daughter, Noelle Foley.

In this interview, Dan and I discuss making jokes at funerals, flat Earthers, people trying to put themselves over in the middle of a tragedy, getting cast on Holy Foley, what the WWE did wrong with that show, injecting humor into wrestling, and why he’ll be the guy to confront someone about wearing a mask.

Ladies and gentlemen, entering the podcast, hailing from Merrick, New York…this is THE Dan Barry.


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