Santa Fe Golf Course Tears A Man And His Golf Vlog To Pieces

santa fe golf vlog brilliantly dumb show


Lately, on the golf course, it seems to me that some days are bad, some days are worse, and some days are horrendous. There really is not much inbetween the three of those for me. Murphy’s Law is a great law because it is true, especially when it comes to golf, “what can go wrong, will go wrong.” The BrilliantlyDumb Show took on Santa Fe, New Mexico for a round of golf, and yes Murphy you ole bastard, you were right again.

I guess when you travel from LA to New Mexico in an RV with five other guys you can expect to get some pretty sub-par golf scores. You know you don’t have your A-game that day when you find yourself shotgunning a warm Bud Light on the third tee box.

But we would not have it any other way and the more the beer flows, the content comes right along with it. So here it is, sit back relax and enjoy watching some guys play some really horrendous golf while having a real good time doing so. Be sure to subscribe to The Brilliantly Dumb Show on YouTube and all other streaming platforms for more of the daily chaos.