Pittsburgh Steelers Fan Tackles His Co-Worker For Calling Ben Roethlisberger A Fraud

steelers fan tackles co worker ben roethlisberger fraud

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Brilliantly Dumb Show co-host Jersey Jerry was forced to miss two episodes for an altercation that took place at his job site. Jerry, also known as Gerard Gilfone, is known for his bizarre takes and his love for the Pittsburgh Steelers. There isn’t a day where anybody knows what this man is going to do or say. If you don’t believe me, just sit back and watch.

Just a complete wild card and somebody that will always keep you on your toes. But if you thought that was wild, just wait until you see what happens when his beloved Steelers lose a playoff game. Let’s take it back to 2017 when the Steelers were upset by the Jaguars in the AFC divisional round game.

And this time, after a brutal loss to the Cleveland Browns, things got even messier for Jerry. The man has missed the past two episodes of the show for an altercation at work that started with a colleague calling Ben Roethlisberger a “fraud’. The Jersey native returned to the show to give his side of the story.

Jersey Jerry has returned to the show and all is right with the world. The chaos is back and so is the legend himself. To tune into the madness be sure to subscribe to The Brilliantly Dumb Show on YouTube and all other podcast streaming platforms.