Date Smarter: Study Of 3 Million People Reveals Which App Singles Prefer, Snapchat or Instagram?

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That’s right, we’re back again with some more dating news you can use. Because when it comes to dating and relationships there is no such thing as having too much knowledge. Think about it. We can send a man to the moon, but we still can’t figure out how to partner humans up together with a better than 50% success rate. Obviously, there is still much work to do in this department.

So yeah, here we are again. Last week we shared the top relationship dealbreakers for women and prior to that it was the “manly” things guys do that annoy women and the things women consider to be dating red flags.

Today, however, we’re going at this in a slightly different way. Today we’re taking a look at a study of singles conducted by the dating app Clover. Clover analyzed data from 3 million, yes, MILLION, users to see if singles preferred adding Snapchat or Instagram to their dating profiles.

Turns out that the differences between which photo app a person chose to use are pretty interesting. Here’s what they came up with…

Key Highlights:
– 55% of singles prefer Snapchat compared to 45% preferring Instagram
– Snapchat is #1 for singles aged 18-34
– Instagram is #1 for singles aged 35+

Singles that prefer Snapchat:
– Intention: Looking for Long Term Relationships
– Occupations: Barista, Dental Hygienist, Security Guard, Secretary, Journalist, Nurse, Fitness Worker
– Schools: University of Houston-TX, Michigan State-MI, Minnesota State-MN, Southern Illinois University-IL
– Interests: Cuddling, Sports, Bonfires, Gaming, Movies, Tattoos and Laughing

Singles that prefer Instagram:
– Intention: Looking for a Date
– Occupations: Art Director, Graphic Designer, Lawyer, TV Producer, PR, Software Developer, Freelancer
– Schools: School of Visual Arts-NY, Berklee College of Music-MA, Cornell University-NY, Art Centre College of Design-CA, University of San Diego-CA
– Interests: Hiking, Live Music, Reading, Coffee, Photography, Art, Food

Summary: The data clearly shows that Snapchat is the social media service of choice for singles aged 18-34, whereas singles aged 35+ prefer Instagram.

If you fall into one of those groups and aren’t using the right photo-sharing app, you might want to hit up the app store and hit download.

Here’s a cool infographic that covers some of the results of the study…

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