Women Revealed A Bunch Of ‘Manly’ Things Guys Do That They Actually Just Find Annoying AF

by 2 years ago
manly things guys do that annoy women


Bros, time to take some notes. Yes, again. As I have said many times in the past when writing about things like this, we, as men, need all the help we can get. It’s a proven scientific fact* that men will never, ever be able to fully understand the female mind. (*May or may not be true.)

So when given the golden opportunity to actually have real live women actually tell us what they like and don’t like we really need to pay attention.

Today’s topic, shared with us by ladies over on Reddit, is “what do guys do that they think is ‘being manly’ but in reality is the furthest thing from it?”

Ready to both learn and possibly have your feelings hurt a little bit all at the same time? Okay, here’s what the women had to say…

Being that angry guy. Adults need to have more control of their emotions than toddlers do. ~ PerilousAll

Not being able to do basic adult things like cooking and cleaning. A lot of guys seem to think domestic tasks are feminine and should be left to women, but not being able to take care of yourself makes you look incompetent, not manly. ~ manondessources

Guys who have to be “alpha” in every situation.

Dated a guy like that. Any sort of social interaction, he had to go around to each guy and had a “system” to stare them down “into submission.”

Seriously. BBQ with friends. Walks up to the guy on grill and starts demeaning his cooking. Then attempts to be taller and just stares at him. Then walks over to me triumphantly, “That guy knows his place in the hierarchy now. You’re with the most alpha guy at this party.”

That relationship didn’t last long. “Any man who must say I am king is no true king.” ~ fuqmook

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