This Guy’s List Of Pros And Cons For Potential First Date Locations Is Absolutely Genius

by 1 year ago
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A guy on the internet, a very funny and ambitious guy, named Matt Shirley attempts to create one chart every day and share it on Instagram.

Sometimes they’re lists, sometimes they’re graphs, there are even some Venn diagrams and flowcharts. And pretty much all of them are tremendously entertaining.

However, since dating is such a hot-button issue these days (not for me, I have loads of girlfriends) a list Shirley created showing the pros and cons for potential first date locations caught my attention and if you are anything like me you’re going to absolutely love it.

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First date locations: pros vs. cons.

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Also, since, you know, he has to make a chart every day, he also made one for possible “last date” locations. Check this out…

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