Guys Are Sending Girls A Love Poem That’s Actually The ‘King Of Queens’ Theme Song… And It Works!

love poem girlfriends king of queens theme song


Bros, we might finally have something brand new and very useful to add to our arsenals when it comes to making our ladies happy. Thanks to one ingenious man, Mike Recine, we now know that if you tell your girl you wrote her a love poem, but actually send her the lyrics to the King of Queens theme song, you will score some major points with her.

No, I am not joking.

Take a look at this…

She “loved” it, bros. Loved it.

Who knew that this…

…was the key to a happy relationship?

In case you think that his girlfriend is unique in falling for this clever ruse, she isn’t. Other guys tried it out and it worked for them too!

Score, baby!

What’s that? Some women actually know the lyrics to the King of Queens theme song? You don’t say?

Oh well, at least it’s worth a shot, right?

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