This 0.5K Race With Beer, Doughnut, Coffee And Smoking Stations Along The Way Sounds Perfect

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05K Race Beer Doughnuts Coffee Smoking


On May 5th, the small town of Boerne, Texas, will be holding its first ever 0.5K run. No, not 5K. 0.5K. The race runs from one brewery to another and will feature beer at the beginning and end of the “run,” as well as doughnut and coffee stations (for carb loading and energy, located next to the costume contest and smoking area) along its grueling half-kilometer route.

KSAT reports that the event starts across from the Dodging Duck brewpub where participants will be offered a free pint of beer and ends at another brewpub, the Cibolo Creek Brewing Company, which is also offering a free pint of beer for participants.

“Very, very conveniently, they are exactly 0.5K away from each other, or at least close enough to 0.5K that we can lie and say that it is exact,” said event organizer (or Czar, as he prefers to be called) Jay Milton.

There will even be a medical tent that “may or may not be manned” just in case anyone struggles to finish the daunting 546-yard course.

And just like in those longer races, participants in the .5K will be given plenty of race souvenirs so they can brag to their friends. Obviously, everyone will get a race T-shirt and a participation medal. All finishers will also get a photo at the finish line and “… a pretentious oval Euro-style 0.5K sticker that you can attach to your rear windshield.”

The treatment is even better for people who don’t want to run the race at all. People can pay an additional $25 to be shuttled through the race course in a VW bus. And these VIPs will get an even bigger medal than everyone else.

It’s not just any old VW bus either. It’s a restored 1963 VW bus, reports NPR. And the reason VIPs get a bigger medal is because organizers say they “are even more important!”

I want to participate in this “race” so, so bad. Unfortunately, KSAT reports that the event is full and registration has closed.

The “Boerne 0.5K” organizer’s original goal was to have 100 participants, but ended up having to cut it off at 225 registrations to keep the breweries from going over capacity.

The event will raise money for a charity called “Blessings in a Backpack” and while we can’t participate this year, we can still donate to the cause HERE.

Another plus is that Milton says he hopes to expand the event next year to include more participants and hopefully raise even more money. Awesome.

H/T Huffington Post

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