Degenerate Football Gambler Puts $100K On A Preseason Game And Cashes In With The Most Stressful Win Imaginable

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One NFL bettor threw down an outrageous amount of money ahead of Thursday night’s matchup between the Bears and Seahawks.

A $100K bet was placed at a Louisiana sportsbook calling for the under to hit in the Chicago versus Seattle preseason contest. It’s one thing to throw around a little money, or in this case a lot of dough, on a surefire lock. Something you’re confident you’ll see hit without much stress or second thought.

But to drop that kind of cash on the unpredictability of preseason football?? That’s insanity.

It happened Thursday, and to this bettor’s relief, the slip cashed in a major way. But it wasn’t without a little nail biting on the game’s final drive.

The under called for the final score to fall below a 39.5-point total. Things looked promising after the first quarter, with just three points being scored. But then, things got dicey.

Bettor holds on to cash $100K preseason bet

The Bears would reel off 21 straight points over the next 20 minutes of game time, aided by a blocked punt which Chicago recovered for a touchdown. The Seahawks tacked on a field goal to close the third quarter, giving the bettor 12 points of cushion for the final frame.

Chicago chipped in a field goal a minute into the period, seeing that cushion drop to just nine points. Seattle scored a touchdown and two-point conversion to get the total score to 38 points with a few possessions remaining.

What seemed like a win began to slowly slip away as the bettor soon watched the Seahawks march down the field in the final minutes. What happened next only added to the stress.

Seattle threw a back shoulder fade to the endzone from about 20 yards out. At first sight, it appeared to be a touchdown, successfully crushing this bettor’s dreams. But upon review, the play was overturned and ruled incomplete.

Still alive.

Seattle then drove its way inside the Chicago five-yard line with under a minute remaining. Luckily, the Seahawks are the Seahawks, and they threw four straight incomplete passes to end the game. The bet held on to win by a point and a half.

Had Seattle settled for a field goal on fourth down (or not missed one earlier in the game), the slip would’ve been killed. That’s also true of that overturned touchdown pass.

When all was said and done, the bettor walked away with an extra $90,000 in their pocket. They likely had a few more grey hairs, too.

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