This 13-Year-Old Basketball Player is 7-Foot-4, Still Growing

Robert Bobroczk is just like the average 13-year-old kid who loves sports — except there’s much more of him.

Standing 7-foot-4, the Romanian teenager towers over his competition. He also towers over anyone else he meets because he’s one of the tallest human beings on the planet.

He’d currently be the tallest player in the NBA, but his freakish body refuses to stand pat. It continues to grow, averaging four inch a year.

Length. He has so much length.

Robert Wadlow better watch his ass. There’s a chance we’re seeing the world’s first 9-foot person in the making.

We don’t want to be extreme Debbie Downers here, but odds are Bobroczk doesn’t have a dominant pro career in his future. There is such a thing as being too tall for basketball (See Bol, Manute and Bradley, Shawn).

Let’s hope whatever league he’s currently playing in has done away with the jump ball and have awarded his team the ball to save both time and embarrassment.