Gamblers Stunned By This 15-Leg Parlay That Turned $50 Into $1.13 Million On A Last Second Score

15-leg parlay gamblers stunned reactions to million winnings


  • A gambler hit a 15-leg, $50 parlay on Sunday that paid out $1,130,000 and other gamblers were stunned by the incredible action
  • The parlay came down to a last second score in the NFL that needed to hit in order for the guy to get paid which only ratcheted up the excitement even more
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There’s getting lucky and then there’s this, an almost unfathomable amount of luck with the stars aligning to award a sports gambler eternal glory and envy in the eyes of his fellow degenerates.

On Sunday, when the dust had finally settled, a gambler had completed a multi-day parlay and became a millionaire. He wagered $50 on a 15-leg parlay with only 3 underdogs in the mix and he turned that $50 into $1,130,000.

The Baltimore Ravens money line was the last leg that had to hit. The Ravens just barely beat the Chicago Bears 16-13 after scoring a touchdown on a 5-play, 61-yard drive with only 25-seconds left in the game. It came down to 25 seconds! Can you even imagine how much this gambler was sweating that drive???

With sports betting legalized in many states across the nation, there were countless people from coast to coast in awe of this incredible parlay (3 hockey games, 8 college games, 2 NFl teams, an NBA game, and a golfer). Check it out with some reactions below:

Reactions to 15-leg parlay turning $50 into $1.13M

These other two parlays weren’t nearly as cool as turning $50 into $1.13 million but the fat that they were all TD scorers is pretty fun:

I should that it hurts to see someone else living your dreams.

I woke up to the news this morning that some idiot judge declared sports gambling illegal in Florida again, stating that it violated both state and federal law. And the latest projections are sports betting won’t be legal in Florida again until 2024 unless something drastic happens between now and then. I withdrew all my money after going on a heater last week and feel pretty bummed out right now about the state of things in Florida.