This Story Of 2 Golfers Hitting A Hole-In-One On The Same Day With The Same Golf Ball Is Unimaginable

2 Golfers Hit Hole-In-One On Same Day With Same Golf Ball

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  • Two strangers making holes-in-one on the same day with the same exact golf ball sound ridiculous.
  • That exact scenario recently played out at Minneapolis Golf Club.
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Every hole-in-one story is special in some way, but this one in particular that involves two strangers and one single golf ball may be the most incredible ace story of all time.

The incredibly improbable scenario played out at Minneapolis Golf Club when soon-to-be 8th grader Preston Miller made his first career ace on the 121-yard Par 3 4th hole.

Unfortunately for Miller, he would lose the golf ball he made the hole-in-one with just a few holes later. It would soon reappear in the wildest fashion imaginable later in the day.

According to Josh Berhow of GOLF, Miller was celebrating with some friends in the clubhouse when in walks Ricardo Fernandez.

“He walked in and asked if this is one of our balls,” Miller explained. “He says, ‘Well, I just hit a hole-in-one with it.’ I say, There’s no way because I just hit a hole-in-one with it, too, and then lost it.”

Two complete strangers. Two holes-in-one on the same day with the same golf ball. Absolute insanity.

Miller lost the hole-in-one ball on the 7th hole after clipping a tree with his approach shot on the Par 4. He looked for the special ball for quite a while but ultimately gave up. Fernandez may have better eyes than Miller because he found the ball while looking for his own on the 12th hole, which runs next to the 7th.

He picked up Miller’s ball but didn’t put it in play until he lost another ball. He decided to use Miller’s ball on the Par 3 16th hole and jarred it from 181 yards.

After the two took some photos together, Fernandez did the right thing in handing Miller the magical golf ball.

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