Would You Have Paid $35 For A Michelob Ultra 6-Pack At The National Championship Game?

Dabo Swinney CFP National Championship - Alabama v Clemson

Harry How/Getty Images

Because I sure as hell wouldn’t have. I’d go all “Dabo Swinney losing his damn mind on the refs” when I sat down and saw this drink list after dropping in excess of $3,000 for my “Club Loft” seat to take in the game between Clemson and Alabama in Gendale, AZ, Monday night.

A Deadspin reader was lucky enough to attend in the CFP National Championship with luxury accommodations, and shared the absurd drink menu found in his box.


The nerve of some people, man. Charge upwards of $60,000 for a private box or loft to watch the National Championship from, then drop a price list like this on you when you walk in the door!?

Now I get that given when you do the math, these prices aren’t that outrageous compared to what you usually encounter at sporting events or concerts, or even a bar for that matter, but it’s the principle of it. And I get that if you’re ballin’ out, you really don’t care, but how the fuck can more than $3,000 A SEAT not include drinks!? Fucking $4 a bottle for Dasani water and I can only buy them in 6-packs!? The fuck is this?

It’s not enough to grab me by the balls with the $100 bottle of Goose, but you’re going to charge me $16 for goddamn Bloody Mary mix!? Outrageous.

Oh, and the “PRIVATE ATTENDANT” for $200 is just ridiculous, too. “Here’s a drink slave for $200 so you don’t have to walk the 12-feet to the suite bar to buy your $35 6-pack of Smirnoff Ice. Yeah, that doesn’t include tip.” Thanks guys, that’s real generous.

Not up in here, I couldn’t stand for that. Don’t care how much money I have, that drink list would ruin my night.

Here’s an obligatory pic of the Alabama baton girls because I’m so worked up thinking about vastly overpriced booze.

[h/t Deadspin]

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