NFL Network Hosting A THREE-HOUR Schedule Release Show Is Both Cruel And Completely Outrageous

2020 nfl schedule release show three hours nfl network

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The NFL has announced that it will be releasing the 2020 regular-season schedule on Thursday night. With the sports world on pause, it’s hard not to get excited for any sports-related news even if it is something as simple as a bunch of time and dates being circled on a calendar.

Having said that, the league most definitely doesn’t see this as something simple. The NFL isn’t going to simply release all 32 teams’, instead, it will be revealing the schedules during a THREE-HOUR schedule release show.

Yes, we’re craving new sports content at the moment, but a three-hour show breaking down teams’ schedules may be one of the more outrageous ideas the NFL has ever come up with.

What makes it so outrageous is the fact that we already know the teams that each team is going to play next season, the only mystery is the actual date and time. There’s this little thing called a schedule rotation in the NFL where certain teams will play certain teams out of a division each season and then you add in actual division opponents and there you have it, all the schedules lack are times and dates.

Also, even with the world in the middle of a crisis, releasing the schedule on May 7 doesn’t really get the juices flowing when we’re talking about games that are going to be played in the middle of September. Excuse me, hopefully played in September.

That’s the second head-scratching piece of this bizarre puzzle, the NFL is about to talk about these schedules for three full hours as if they’re set in stone, but the fact of the matter is nobody has a clue whether or not the NFL season will start on time this year. At this point, we don’t even know if football will be a thing in 2020.

If you thought the virtual NFL Draft two weeks ago was nothing but filler and bizarre graphics wait until you see what the league has in store for us on Thursday night.

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