Steve Stricker Says ‘We’re Planning Ryder Cup As A Go’ But Decision Will Come In Next Few Weeks

2020 ryder cup decision

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While we’re still months away from September’s scheduled Ryder Cup in Wisconsin, the fate of the event is still completely up in the air.

While there have been growing concerns and plenty of rumors that tournament officials may elect to play the event without any fans, many players, including Rory McIlroy, have said a Ryder Cup without fans really isn’t a Ryder Cup at all. A majority of the players out there would rather see the Ryder Cup delayed to 2021 if no spectators are allowed.

Steve Stricker, a Wisconsin native and the U.S. team captain, recently joined the ‘Golf Affect Radio Show’ and said that a decision should be made about the event either taking place as scheduled or being postponed in the next ‘two or three weeks.’

“So far we’re planning it as a go, like we’re going to have it,” Stricker said according to Golf Channel. “But there’s some obstacles that we’re going to have to face, I think. The confidence of the people and the corporate people. It’s going to come down to probably the safety. And who knows, right? They’re going to have to make a decision here probably within the next two or three weeks.”

Stricker also shared McIlroy’s sentiments explaining that a Ryder Cup without fans would be a ‘yawner.’

“This event is made by the fans. If it was without fans, it almost would be a yawner of an event. To cheat out the Wisconsin fans would be a crime. I hope when we do have it, it can be up to its full potential.”

It’s an interesting dilemma for all parties involved, including the fans. On the one hand, golf fans would be upset to see the Ryder Cup pushed into 2021, but the majority would also be angry if no spectators are allowed if the event does take place.

If the event is pushed back a year, scheduling conflicts could arise with the Presidents Cup scheduled for Sept. 30 – Oct. 3 in Charlotte plus the Olympics being rescheduled from this summer to next summer.


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