Here Are The Nominees For Surfing’s Most Brutal Big Wave Wipeouts Of The Year

Nazare Big Wave Surfing

iStockphoto / Jop Hermans Photo

The World Surf League (WSL) relies on global travel for its annual schedule of events. Surfers follow the weather which brings them to the best waves. This, of course, means the calendar was nuked by the global health crisis.

Thankfully for the Big Wave surfers in particular, they were able to get through the Big Wave Surfing events last Winter before everything changed. It’s the regular WSL Tour guys that have been most affected by the global travel restrictions.

The Red Bull Big Wave Awards nominees were just made official. This includes the best Big Wave rides as well as the biggest wipeouts of the year. I popped open my YouTube subscriptions yesterday morning and it was just a wall of WSL videos, too much for me to go through at the time, but they have this short supercut of the nominees. I’ve also included some additional clips down below of the wipeouts.

Here are the 2020 Red Bull Big Wave Awards ‘Big Wave Wipeout of the Year’ nominees:

Aaaaaaand there are some longer clips of each wipeout for you gentlemen to feast your eyes on so let’s dive into it, shall we? Here’s Felipe Cesarano at Nazaré in Portugal:

Francisco Porcello wiping out at Jaws is 100% in the running for the worst wipeout of the year but I suspect Felipe at Nazaré will take home the title:

Jerome Sahyoun absolutely biffing it at Mullaghmore was a brutal wipeout.

And Torrey Meister at Jaws was another epic wipeout from the Big Wave event:

WSL has also released a ton of videos for their best rides of the year and their best Big Wave rides of the year so you can click through to their YouTube channel by following any of those videos above and check out their feed, or you can access it directly right here.

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