An Enormous 285-Pound H.S. Running Back Is Unstoppable And He Has The Highlight Reel To Prove It

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Ben Hershey / Unsplash

High School is a wild time for physical development. Guys mature at various rates and it becomes pretty apparent which ones are destined to become herculean in size and which guys will end up being small or average.

I actually lost weight at the beginning of H.S. and cut like 30 or 40 pounds after joining the crew team while others around me were going through puberty, growing like an inch a month, and for quite a while I looked like a prepubescent tween next to my friends who suddenly looked like grown-ass men overnight.

This brings me to my point: even grown-ass men look small next to 285-pound Antwain Littleton who is a high school running back in D.C. and runs through other high school football players like they’re nothing more than the red ribbon at the finish line of a race.

Antwain’s a junior at St. John’s High School and plays most of his time on the Defensive Line but he also subs in as a Running Back where he’s virtually unstoppable by any other high schooler because he weighs over 2x the average high school male (115-130 pounds is the average).

This highlight reel of him ABSOLUTELY CLOWNING on other schools is pretty fantastic and it’s gone viral over the past few days. Watch as the other players try in vain to even slow him down (3 highlight videos below). It’s legitimately laughable how unstoppable he is (h/t NBC Sports).

According to Rivals, Antawain Littleton is currently ‘interested in’ Boston College, Maryland, Pittsburgh, Rutgers, and South Carolina.

His interest in all five schools is listed as ‘Medium’ and so far he’s only taken an official visit to Pitt. He has received offers from all five colleges already as well as an offer from Syracuse.

It’s hard to determine how a player that massive would be used in College at an elite level when the game is unrecognizable compared to High School but it will certainly be fun to see where he ends up and how he goes on to dominate in college as he’s already larger than the vast majority of collegiate players.