Someone Placed A $3 MILLION Parlay On Three Football Teams To Win Their Divisions And It Could Pay Out Over $8 Million

Alabama football

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I’m a pretty awful sports gambler primarily because I know what my main obstacle is and I still don’t fix it. I love a good parlay. I always prefer going big on Can’t Miss Parlay and never take the time to place individual bets on the winners in my parlay so inevitably when I hit 5 of 6 legs of my NHL or MLB parlay I miss out entirely instead of cashing on 5 bets instead of none.

I mention all of this because I’m extremely curious about what this high-roller’s strategy is aside from this multi-million-dollar parlay they placed last week. According to ESPN Chalk, a high roller wagered $3 million on a 3-leg parlay what would profit $5.6 million and net $8.6 million.

According to the report, it’s the largest wager ever taken by DraftKings’ sportsbook director Johnny Avello who has been in the business for 30 years. That’s how quickly things have accelerated now that sports betting has gone mainstream. I’d also LOVE to know the net worth of the person (or persons) who placed this bet.

Here’s the report from ESPN Chalk:

Last Tuesday, according to DraftKings, an unidentified bettor risked $3 million on a three-leg parlay featuring the following: Georgia to win the SEC East division; Alabama to win the SEC West division; the Packers to win the NFC North division.

If successful, this bet would pay out $8.6 million, a $5.6 million net profit for the customer.

It’s the largest parlay bet that Johnny Avello, DraftKings’ sportsbook director and a 30-plus-year Nevada bookmaker, has ever taken. And it’s certainly among the biggest ever placed with a U.S. sportsbook (via)

Georgia is the only 3-0 team in the SEC East and Alabama is the only 3-0 team in the SEC West but A LOT can change and neither of those teams looked unbeatable last Saturday so I’m sure that gambler’s blood pressure went up considerably. The Packers vs. Bears for the top spot in the NFC North will be an interesting battle to watch as well.

The article goes on to talk about another outrageous bet that was placed last week where one gambler rolled in on a Thursday and put down $240,000 to win just $3,000 and they had to sweat it out. They put $240K on a ‘money-line bet on heavily favored BYU to beat Texas-San Antonio straight up’. UTSA eventually lost 27-20 to BYU but they’d jumped out to an early lead.

That gambler eventually took in $3,400 on a $240,000 bet (1.4% return over 3 days) which sounds like the most stressful possible way to earn $3,400.

There’s a lot of debate over why people place these bets on teams like BYU and it ranges everything from racking up points with a casino to illegality but you can read all about that over on ESPN’s Chalk.