3 Teams Reportedly Desperately Tried To Trade Into The End Of Round 1 Of The NFL Draft

2023 NFL Draft

Getty Image / Scott Winters

Over the course of round 1 of the NFL Draft, we saw a ton of teams jump around the draft order through the trades.

The Texans traded up to pick 3.

Arizona traded from 3 to 12 and then back to 6.

The Eagles moved up one spot to 9 to get Jalen Carter. New England and Pittsburgh swapped picks. The Giants also moved up one spot from 25 to 24. The Jaguars then took pick 25 and sent it to the Bills for pick 27.

One thing we didn’t end up seeing was anybody making move from round 2 into round 1 to grab one last prospect before the end of day 1 of the NFL Draft.

It turns out that wasn’t due to a lack of trying.

According to Pro Football Talk, the Las Vegas Raiders, Atlanta Falcons, and Tennessee Titans all tried to get themselves another 1st-round pick.

It’s not unusual to see teams try and work their way back into the back end of the first round instead of drafting early in the 2nd.

Rookie contracts are more valuable at the end of the first than in the second because of the fifth-year option that comes with those deals, so we might not see any of these teams trying to trade up today

The more interesting part of it is who those three teams may have been trying to get a 5th year out of.

The Titans were expected to be looking for a quarterback in this year’s draft and the Raiders and Falcons could also be in the mix for a QB.

With Will Levis and Hendon Hooker both still on the board heading into day 2 of the draft, there’s a pretty decent chance that at least one of these teams still ends up with a QB before the day is over.

They’ll just need to start paying that QB veteran money if the pick ends up working out the way they hope it does.