This 4-Year-Old Golf Phenom Makes Your Golf Swing Look Even Worse

Golf is a frustrating game. Working tirelessly at attempting to improve your swing, but you never really see any improvement and sometimes it even gets worse. Don’t get upset. Maybe one day your seemingly endless practice will give you a swing half as beautiful and technically sound as this 4-year-old.

Bradley Pollak, the tiny tyke from Washington D.C., has a near perfect swing at only 4-years-old. That’s right, despite Bradley still shitting his pants, he has a better golf swing than you.

Depressed yet?

This lil phenom has been golfing since he was 2-years-old and has never taken a lesson.

Enraged yet?

Okay, that probably did not help in making you feel better about your golf game. Sure this kid is great on the greens, but can he drink seven Jack and Cokes in the clubhouse?


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