49ers Nick Bosa’s Holdout Getting Costly, Potentially Losses $1 Million Per Week

Nick Bosa

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San Francisco 49ers‘ defensive end Nick Bosa’s ongoing holdout may result in escalated financial penalties.

Mike Florio of ProFootballTalk has reported that Bosa’s potential fines are poised to increase as he continues to miss training camp and pre-season activities.

Bosa, a key player on the 49ers’ defense, is facing daily fines of $40,000 for each day of training camp he remains absent.

In addition to these daily penalties, he could be subject to a fine of $992,166 for skipping pre-season games, including for example the game against the Raiders last Sunday.

Worth mentioning that the 49ers management is likely to negotiate a waiver for these fines as part of ongoing contract discussions.

The team is keen on resolving the contract dispute without any lingering animosity, and waiving the fines could serve as a gesture of goodwill in the negotiation process.

It’s important to note that the ability to waive fines for players on non-rookie contracts is not possible. However, Nick Bosa is currently still operating under his rookie deal, which affords the team greater flexibility in addressing the financial consequences of his holdout.

As negotiations continue, both Bosa and the 49ers’ management aim to find a resolution that ensures his return to the field while addressing the contractual matters at hand.