The 5 Largest Sharks Caught In Florida By BlacktipH Includes A 1,200-Pound Hammerhead

Hammerhead Shark up close

iStockphoto / Martin Voeller

Josh Jorgensen runs the largest fishing channel on YouTube and as the name implies, BlacktipH, he’s pretty darn good at catching sharks. For anyone out there who isn’t fully versed on their shark species, the Blacktip Shark is a species that’s common throughout the world.

We have these Blacktip Sharks up and down both coasts of the United States and they’re also found in the Mediterranean Sea, the Caribbean, South Africa, Madagascar, the Arabian Peninsula, China, The Philippines, and Indonesia. Truly, this is a shark species found all throughout the world and thus ends the explanation on that.

Well, aside from being an excellent overall fisherman, Josh from BlacktipH is really good at catching two specific types of fish: sharks and goliath grouper. For his latest clip, he chopped together footage of the five biggest sharks he’s ever caught including a 1,200-pound hammerhead shark with golf legend Greg Norman.

Check it out:

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