Feast Your Eyes On The 50 Best Dunks Of The 2018 NBA Season

I’ve been playing basketball my entire life. From sixth grade, through high school, two weeks in college, and now a low-level men’s league. I’ve honed my skills the best way I know how. And seeing this shit–the best dunks of the NBA season–makes me pity myself for ever even picking up a basketball. It kind of feels like drawing stick figures for two decades and calling them art before seeing the works of Picasso. I knew I should have taken up table tennis or fencing or lacrosse (triggered).

This video features it all: breakaway dunks, alley oop dunks, dunks in traffic, put back dunks, dunkaroos, stare-down dunks, and around and around we go.

The video is nearly 13 minutes long so if you don’t have the time to watch the whole thing, I’ve highlighted some of my favorites below.

0:57 Donovan Mitchell one-handed tomahawk put back.

3:40 LeBron adjusts for left-handed alley oop

6:00 Embiid detonates on Westbrook and stares him down.

7:05 Giannis jumps over Tim Hardaway Jr. at MSG

7:30 Jonas Valančiūnas buzzer-beating dunk to send the game to overtime

8:45 DeMar DeRozan full-court and-1 game-winning dunk

10:10 Freeze the video at this mark and tell me how the fuck Giannis dunked this.

11:30 Danuel House Jr. off the backboard lob to himself

11:40 Malik Monk shows off 43-inch vert.

Every LeBron Dunk


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