Eight USC Linemen Got Trapped In An Elevator And Made The Best Of A Bad Situation By Making A Fire Rap Song

Old school hip-hop was pretty much born from people writing poems about living in horrible situations. Do you think Biggie would have been as successful if he grew up in a stable household nestled within the greater American suburbia and became a CPA? Fuck no. If Biggie never peddled drugs to support his family, he would never have become the Biggie we knew. Most great rap is the fallout from horrible circumstance, which is why I’m not surprised that 8 USC offensive lineman trapped in an elevator led to the new club banger we’ve all been looking for without even realizing it.

Somebody needs to sign these kids like yesterday. This is better than half of the shit on the radio. I’m pretty young, but I could see myself making this my wedding song for my first destined-to-be-failed marriage. Hopefully we get a few more verse from these boys soon and they don’t squander their potential like the 7th Floor Crew did all those years ago.

Also, thanks to offensive lineman Zach Banner, a redshirt junior, Twitter was able to keep up with the whole fiasco.