Aaron Gordon Partied With Nuggets Fans In The Streets After Securing Finals Win

Nuggets star Aaron Gordon

Getty Image / Justin Edmonds

The Denver Nuggets capped off a historic season after clinching the NBA Finals against the Miami Heat.

It’s the franchise’s first championship ever, as Nikola Jokic proved to be the best player on the court throughout the playoffs.

Pretty much everyone on the team outside of Jokic are in full party mode. And that certainly was the case for Nuggets power forward Aaron Gordon.

He was lighting up cigars and popping bottles in the locker room. However, he ended up partying out in the streets with Nuggets fans as well.

Gordon was spotted in the streets, shirtless and still in his game worn shorts living it up in the streets with fans. It looked like a great time, as he’s clearly on cloud nine right now.

While Nikola Jokic just wants to go home, it looks like Aaron Gordon is ready to party with Nuggets fans at the parade on Thursday.

But it’s just a brilliant moment. How cool is it of Gordon to go party with the fans and not just his teammates. Especially considering fans are just as excited as he is.

Additionally, plenty of people on social media loved the scenes in Denver as well.

Will Aaron Gordon remain shirtless throughout the entire summer too?

There is no time to change clothes when you’re in party mode.

At the end of the day, this is just a cool moment for Nuggets fans. Congrats to Denver on winning its first NBA Finals in team history.

Now the question is, can this team do it again next season? We’ll have to wait and see. Don’t miss the parade that’s scheduled to take place on Thursday.