Aaron Rodgers May Have Climbed A Mountain In Some Bad Jeans To Escape Green Bay And All The Rumors Floating Around

aaron rodgers leaving packers

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The Packers trading up to select quarterback Jordan Love in the first round was unquestionably the most shocking decision in the entire 2020 NFL Draft. Immediately after Green Bay elected to take a quarterback so early on in the draft all the attention turned to Aaron Rodgers and how the move could possibly affect him and his future.

Brett Favre has already come out and said that he believes Rodgers will eventually leave the Packers and play elsewhere before retiring. While the dust hasn’t even come close to settling in regards to this situation, Rodgers did finally make his first appearance on social media since the draft night shocker.

Rodgers may or may not have climbed up a mountain to escape all of the chatter surrounding his name at the moment. Who knows when this picture was taken, but it’s an interesting time to post a picture like this, you can be the judge.

We may not know when this pic was taken, but one thing we do know is those jeans are quite the look, and when I say quite the look I mean no great.

Of course you’re not going to wear a nice pair of jeans while hiking, but then again you shouldn’t wear jeans at all if you’re hiking. As I type this I’m now realizing that there’s no way this man hiked up a mountain in these jeans, he 100% took a helicopter to the top of the mountain, took a couple of pics and then bolted. That’s the only logical explanation here.

Or, and this could definitely be the case here, I’m actually the idiot in this situation and that mountain he is sitting on is actually a super well-known place that I should know and you simply drive your car up to the overpass where he is sitting. There’s probably a huge, huge chance he’s sitting no less than 50 yards away from his car.