Video Shows Packers Fans Celebrating Jets Aaron Rodgers’ Injury

Aaron Rodgers

Michael Owens/Getty Images

Green Bay Packers fans have found themselves in the spotlight for an unexpected reason.

Following the shocking injury to Jets star quarterback Aaron Rodgers against the Buffalo Bills, a video circulating on social media has sparked controversy.

In a video captured by CBS58 reporter A.J. Bayatpour at a Milwaukee bar, Packers fans can be seen enthusiastically cheering when Rodgers was sacked by Bills linebacker Leonard Floyd.

At first glance, this may not seem unusual, as fans often celebrate when their team’s defense makes a significant play like a sack.

However, the video raised eyebrows as it appeared that the cheering continued even after it became evident that Rodgers was injured and needed medical attention. Bayatpour mentioned in his tweet that fans cheered again when they realized Rodgers was hurt.

The context behind this unusual celebration stems from a bar promotion where all drinks would be complimentary if Rodgers started a game and the New York Jets lost.

Eager to take advantage of the offer, patrons at the bar seemed to celebrate not only the sack but also the potential end of Rodgers’ season, which would mean the end of the promotion.

It is worth noting that some fans might not have been aware of the severity of Rodgers’ injury when they initially cheered. The news of the four-time NFL MVP’s potential season-ending injury was revealed later in the evening.

While it’s common for fans to express enthusiasm during games, the incident has ignited a debate on social media about the ethics of celebrating a player’s misfortune, regardless of their team allegiance.

The situation also underscores the fine line between sports rivalry and wishing harm upon a player.

In an ironic twist, the bar’s promotion may now be null and void, as Aaron Rodgers is unlikely to start any more games for the Green Bay Packers due to his injury.