Resurfaced Video From 2005 Shows Aaron Rodgers Trying To Hook Up With SI Swimsuit’s Marisa Miller

by 3 years ago
aaron rodgers marisa miller 2005 college all-star challenge

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Long before the Super Bowls, MVP awards, Olivia Munn and broken collarbones, Aaron Rodgers was just a college kid from Cal trying to parlay his brief moment of fame at the 2005 College Football All-Star Challenge.

Based on the content of the video it appears that Rodgers won himself a new TV for his performance at the All-Star Challenge, giving him one, as he says, one for his living room and one for his bedroom.

Miller then asks Rodgers, “Do you really need two? I mean, can I have one?”

To which Rodgers, in a move reminiscent of today’s Netflix and chill, tells Miller, “If you come over and watch some movies with me.”

Smooth, bro. Very smooth.

Hmmm…wonder if she took him up on it after the cameras stopped rolling, and if she didn’t does she now regret it? Food for thought.

Honestly though, can you blame him for trying? How often does an opportunity like that present itself in life, especially in college?

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