Teen Gets Slightly Confused During Half Marathon And Ends Up Running An Entire Marathon Like A Boss

I’ve run more than a few races — nothing longer than six miles — and even those short distance events can get confusing as hell. It’s absolutely easy to miss a turn. This kid missed a turn while running a half marathon in Philly and man did he get lost.

Teenager Evan Megoulas is a runner on the Palmyra High School Cross Country Team in Lebanon County, Pennsylvania.

On Sunday, he set out to run 13.1 miles in the GORE-TEX Philadelphia Half Marathon. His brother Peter and family gathered at the finish line, ready to cheer Evan on. But, according to Peter’s post on the 6abc Action News Facebook page, Evan never made it.

Worried that something may have happened, Peter reached out to Sergeant Phil McAlorum from the Philadelphia Police Department. Peter says the 9th District Officer immediately asked him to send a photo of Evan to his personal cell phone so he could distribute it to other officers. That’s how they discovered that Evan had somehow missed the turn for the half marathon and was still running!

18th District Officers Clarence Mason and Eric Leary caught up with the teenager in Manayunk.

At that point, Peter could have easily jumped in the police cruiser and called it a morning. But no way — he wanted to finish what he started! He ran the six miles back to finish the race, running an entire marathon in 5:23:11.

Good for him.

[via 6 ABC]

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