Adam Hadwin’s Wife Has Awesome Reaction To Seeing Him Get Tackled By Security At RBC Canadian Open

Jessica Hadwin watches her husband in a golf tournament.

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Adam Hadwin was in the wrong place at the wrong time on Sunday as he attempted to celebrate a PGA Tour win with a friend. The golfer watched buddy Nick Taylor sink an incredible putt to secure the victory, and he quickly popped out the champagne.

Unfortunately, a security member on the course prematurely ended the champagne shower by tackling Hadwin on the green. His wife has now responded to the hilarious turn of events.

Let’s start from the beginning.

Canadian Nick Taylor sank a 72-foot putt on the final hole to win the RBC Canadian Open in Toronto on Sunday. The putt was the longest in his PGA career, and it helped him win in a playoff over Tommy Fleetwood.

In doing so, Taylor became the first Canadian born player to win the event in 69 years.

That certainly warranted celebration from his friend and fellow golfer Adam Hadwin. Watching that playoff putt from just off the green, Hadwin burst into excitement after seeing the shot go down.

Apparently, security didn’t recognize Hadwin as he rushed onto the course with a bottle of bubbly. Just as he popped the top of that champagne bottle, he was tackled by a staff member.

Shortly after the tackle heard ’round the golf world, Hadwin’s wife, Jessica, chimed in. She posted a series of hilarious responses as the videos continued to circulate social media.

“Sorry to leave y’all hanging, had to get the toddler ready for bed,” Hadwin said. “I’m thrilled to report that Adam Hadwin is still among the land of the living and in true Canadian form, apologized to the security guard for being tackled.”

She kept going as new views of the tackle popped up.

“Omg I can’t handle these different angles,” she tweeted after seeing a new shot. “The security guard’s laser focus on his target. Adam’s commitment to the giant bottle of champagne. So many things to take in with every new POV.”

She even hinted at having some inside information on the takedown.

She’s rightfully working the phones as she seeks legal action.

The moment put a hilarious bow on an exciting weekend of golf. Jessica Hadwin might’ve gotten the biggest laugh of all.