Adam Schefter’s Latest Report Suggests The 49ers Have No Idea Who They’re Going To Draft Third Overall

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Despite the fact that we’re just one day away from the 2021 NFL Draft getting underway, the San Francisco 49ers don’t appear to know who they’ll be drafting with the third overall pick on Thursday.

The 49ers likely had a name circled on their board early on in their scouting process, hence their trade with the Miami Dolphins to secure the No. 3 pick. Many thought that name was Mac Jones, but over the last handful of days, it appears that the situation has changed. At least, that’s the information the franchise is putting out there to Adam Schefter and other NFL insiders.

The 49ers still like Jones, but according to Schefter, Trey Lance’s name has entered the mix in a major way, so much so that this past weekend, San Francisco didn’t know who they were going to draft at No. 3.

“When the San Francisco 49ers traded up to number three, the initial plan was that they were comfortable taking Alabama quarterback Mac Jones at number three, but would have the chance, over the next four and five weeks, to take a deep dive into Justin Fields and Trey Lance,” Schefter explained.

“As much as the 49ers love Mac Jones, and they do, I believe that the gap between Mac Jones and the other QBs like Trey Lance has been narrowed considerably. I can tell you over the weekend they did not know who they were going to take.”

On the one hand, it’s a good problem to have the third-overall pick and having more than one talented QB to choose from, but on the other hand, if I were a 49ers fan, I’d be somewhat concerned that the franchise doesn’t appear to know whose name it’ll be calling.

This could, and most likely is, just smoke in mirrors and the 49ers keeping other teams on their toes. Nevertheless, what San Francisco elects to do with the third-overall pick could cause quite a bit of chaos throughout the rest of the first round.