Adam Schefter Reveals Text Exchange That Led To Aaron Rodgers Telling Him Off

Adam Schefter

Getty Image / Justin Casterline

Aaron Rodgers sent the sports world into a frenzy after he basically bashed reporters about his trade situation.

However, Adam Schefter might have gotten the worst of it after making the text exchange public.

Even so, he didn’t share the text that made Rodgers tell him off the way he did. Now, Schefter reveals how the exchange played out.

This was the tweet that went viral right after the future Hall of Fame quarterback called out multiple reporters. At least Schefter wasn’t afraid to put it out there.

Regardless, many were intrigued to know what he said to make Rodgers respond in that way.

During an interview with NBC’s Peter King, Adam Schefter claims he was just doing his job. After failing to receive an answer about Rodgers’ future from different sources, he decided to just ask the star quarterback himself.

“‘We’re on the air for two hours. I call the Jets, I call the Pack, I call Rodgers’ advisers. No one’s saying anything,’ Schefter explained. ‘So, I’m sitting there on the set with Dianna Russini. ‘Should I text Rodgers?’ She said, ‘Yeah, text him.’ At 3:35, I texted him. I say, basically: ‘Have you informed the Jets that you’d like to play there? I wanted to open it up to you.’ He didn’t respond for maybe 10 minutes. So then I called the number, got sent to voice mail. Then he texts me, ‘Lose my number. Good try tho.’ That’s all.”

Adam Schefter followed that up by claiming he just wanted to clear the air between Rodgers and the media.

“He’s the one who says the media’s getting it wrong. I wanted to go to [the] source and get it right. That’s all. I was just trying to do my job.”

Clearly, Aaron Rodgers wasn’t having any of it.

The lesson to learn here is that when it comes to Rodgers, we probably can’t trust anything until he actually makes a statement on the Pat McAfee Show.