Adam Schefter Gets Flamed By NFL Fans For Posting A Draft Report From An Agent About His Own Client

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  • After tweeting out a report from an agent about a client of the agent, Adam Schefter is under fire.
  • His tweet generated a lot of buzz about the pretty clear bias and people have all kinds of jokes and questions.
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Adam Schefter is getting absolutely shredded for a recent tweet about the NFL Draft. The 55-year-old insider and analyst tweeted about a particular player’s draft stock and cited said player’s agent.

Every year, it seems like there is one surprise NFL Draft prospect who sneaks his way into the backend of the first round. Nobody sees the pick coming, it typically comes with a lot of criticism, and the franchise who made the pick is usually forced to explain itself to the masses.

This year, it appears as though one NFL agent is trying to manufacture that move himself. There is always a chance that Schefter’s report is true, but the way in which he reported it is raising quite a bit of scrutiny.

On Wednesday night, one day prior to the NFL Draft, Schefter tweeted that USC defensive end Drake Jackson might find his way into the first round.

His basis for that claim came from the agent that is representing Jackson as a client. So he tweeted that an agent told him that the agent’s client was generating a lot of buzz. Totally normal, totally unbiased.

As things currently stand, the vast majority of NFL Draft analysts project that Jackson will be selected in the mid-to-late second round.

Again, there is always the possibility that he sneaks into the first round. Schefter and Jackson’s agent could be right. However, the way that Schefter phrased his tweet makes it sound like Rosenhaus fed him what to say in an effort to make teams scramble over his client and think that they need to draft him higher than they may have thought.

It was a very weird tweet about Drake Jackson and Adam Schefter proceeded to get flambéed in the comments section.

If Jackson goes in the first round, Schefter and Rosenhaus will have the last laugh. But that’s a big “if” and it’s still a weird thing to post either way.