Nicole Briscoe’s Reaction When Adam Schefter Verbally Murdered The Cleveland Browns Was Priceless

Adam Schefter out here just telling it like it is! No mercy for a Cleveland Browns organization famous for its esteemed quarterback track record including likes of Tim Couch, Brady Quinn, Brandon Weeden, and most recently, Johnny motherfuckin’ Football! Wanna stay in college for four years after getting drafted to the NFL and figuratively set large amounts of other people’s money on fire? Go to Cleveland.

But that’s not the story here. The story is that face fellow NFL Insider Nicole Briscoe made in light of Schefty’s comments. Just incredible. Can’t be unseen. Literally says everything that Schefter didn’t. That expression (think it’s called ‘the dumpster fire’) is the just perfect microcosm for the Cleveland Browns. There isn’t a better one out there.

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The 2016 NFL Draft is just 49 days away, Browns fans! Which means the 2017 NFL Draft is just 414 days away, which means the 2018 NFL Draft is just 779 days away, which means…

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