You’ll Need Tissues While Watching Four-Year-Old Adriana Aviles Throw Out This First Pitch

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Growing up near Cleveland, I am a big-time sports fan of all of the city’s teams. In fact, one of my favorite memories when younger was standing outside the ballpark gates at Jacobs Field (now Progressive Field) and watching parts of Game 5 of the World Series between the Indians and Atlanta Braves—even though we didn’t have tickets.

This moment, though, well, this might trump all of the others.


For those unfamiliar, Indians utility player Mike Aviles’ daughter—four-year-old Adriana—was diagnosed with childhood leukemia in May, prompting most of the Tribe’s organization to shave their heads in support of her, as well as giving the ballplayer a gentleman’s handshake that he wouldn’t be traded midseason because of the family’s situation.

Well, here was another classy gesture by the team, as they had Adriana and twin sister Maiya toss out the first pitch before tonight’s game against the New York Yankees.

As someone who organized a run for pediatric cancer research two-straight years in 2011 and ’12, this is something that really gets me choked up, so pardon my tears as I watch the emotions on the faces of the Aviles family.

Here’s to getting back to being a kid and for a strong recovery, Adriana.

[H/T Bleacher Report]

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