Air Force Drops Some Glorious New Uniforms And Fans Are Loving Them

Air Force Drops Some Glorious New Uniforms And Fans Are Loving Them

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Uniform reveals have become a hot topic across many sports. The MLB has done a nice job with the City Connect uniforms, and a number of NFL teams have revealed alternate uniforms heading into the 2022 season.

This time, however, it is a college football team β€” and not necessarily a notable one.

The Air Force Falcons dropped a video showing their new uniforms, and the release is something else.

As the tweet says, the United States Space Force.

Yes, that’s right. Air Force is changing it up in a classic way and this was a special surprise. Here are a few details of the new uniforms (h/t Grayson Weir of BroBible).

U.S. Space Force patches will be on the left shoulder with a United States flag on the right sleeve. The player name plate, which is standard on many military academy uniforms, appears on the front and will be positioned opposite the Nike swoosh. In addition, unit patches feature Space Base Delta 1 headquartered at Peterson Space Force Base and Space Base Delta 2 headquartered at Buckley Space Force Bases.

That’s a pretty neat twist, and the players loved what they saw.

College football fans from everywhere loved these uniforms as well.

As it stands right now, Air Force might have the best uniforms in all of college football.