Pat Perez Shows Off Unreleased Air Jordan 4 And 5 Golf Shoes And They’re Beyond Fresh

air jordan golf shoes

Getty Image / Gregory Shamus

The golf shoe has made some strides over the past decade or so. While outfits as a whole have become a bit more high-tech, much more modern and a touch more leisure-like for a lot of the game’s best, it was the shoe that made that adjustment at a slower pace, at least in my opinion.

That’s not the case anymore with every major shoe company that has the slightest hand in golf coming out with, essentially, sneakers with spikes on the bottom of them in some shape or form.

Air Jordan has been in the golf world for a while now with the likes of Keegan Bradley, Harold Varner III and Pat Perez rocking their shoes on the PGA Tour and images of the company’s newest golf shoe have been released. I wouldn’t necessarily say the shoes have been leaked seeing as how it’s Perez showing the world the shoes, but nevertheless, they’re here and they’re awesome.

Introducing the Air Jordan 4 and Air Jordan 5 golf shoes.

As you can see in the photo, they’re just the classic silhouette with some spikes on the bottom; clean and simple.

Perez also shared photos of the shoes on feet.

Perez poses the question of 4 or 5 and while I’m actually a bigger fan of the Jordan 5 in just regular shoe form, those 4’s just look mean, in a good way. The 4’s just look like you’re about to get stuck in and there’s no way you’re posting a big number while those are on your feet.

The shoes are rumored to drop on February 15th.