These Epic Hype Videos From Alabama And Clemson Make Me Wish I Could Play In The CFB Title Game Tonight



Tonight’s the night that a true college football champion will be crowned once again, with the Alabama Crimson Tide and Clemson Tigers ready to knock heads in, what hopes to be, an epic clash between two rich programs.

And, while you and I will be sitting around on our couch or slamming beers at a bar to take in the action, both Bama and Clemson released hype videos in preparation for tonight’s game that will make you wish that you could put on some pads and start tossing around the pigskin, because they’re fucking epic!

Personally, I think the Bama one hits a bigger nerve and gives me fucking chills, so give me a crimson helmet and let me get out on the gridiron to play for the ‘ship!

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