This Alabama Football Commit Is Already Drilling 70-Yard Field Goal Kicks

No doubt Nick Saban is in love with the dude already. If he’s kicking field goals, Auburn ain’t running that damn football back for a game-winning touchdown!

It’d be hard for any football coach to overlook kicking talents like the ones young Eddy Pineiro has been gifted with. 70-yards plus? No doubt about it.


Now obviously he’s kicking off a tee here, but you have to take that for what it is just given the sheer amount of air the #1 ranked kick in the nation puts under that football.

The kid from Florida has RANGE.

Pineiro committed to keep the Tide rolling in on June 11, 2015 in exchange for a full scholarship to the University of Alabama.

Saban knows how to get ’em, that’s for sure.

h/t For The Win