Alabama Football Father Brought To Tears When Family Gives Him Tickets To Sugar Bowl For Christmas

If your family gave you a bowl of sugar as a Christmas gift you’d probably consider them to be cheapskates or you have a sugar addiction. However for this Alabama fan it was the present of a lifetime.

William D. Garrett Jr is a die-hard Alabama football fan. The Huntsville native now lives in Los Angeles, California where he celebrated Christmas with his family. William earned his electrical engineering degree from the University of Alabama in 1984. His son Skip also attended the institution and got his mechanical engineering degree in 2010. The two are huge Crimson Tide football fans and Skip fondly remembers when he went to the 1993 Sugar Bowl with his father to see Alabama defeated the Miami Hurricanes to win the National Championship. The son decided to thank his dad this Christmas with a very Roll Tide present.

William was presented with a Christmas gift and when he opened it up there was a bowl of sugar. His wife asks her husband, “What is it?” The bewildered father responds, “Sugar.” She then asks, “What’s it in?” William answers, “A bowl.” Then it dawns on him and his mouth opens wide in astonishment.

The father is so overwhelmed with emotion by the gift of tickets to the Sugar Bowl tickets that he breaks down into tears.

“My dad is my hero, mentor and role model and I can’t wait to attend the game with him next week, 22 years to the date from when I watched my first Bama game with him. Roll Tide,” Skip said.

The Alabama Crimson Tide will play Ohio State in the Sugar Bowl on January 1st in New Orleans where the father and son hope to see their Crimson Tide win.