Alabama’s Mekhi Brown Gets Heated And Tries To Fight Coach On The Sideline During National Championship Game

Things aren’t go very well for the Alabama Crimson Tide during tonight’s national championship game against Georgia. Not only have the Tide been trailing the Bulldogs for most of the game but it appears that they’re getting frustrated and losing their cool on the field as well.

In the third quarter of the game. Bama linebacker Mekhi Brown got taken out of the game after he punched a Georgia player in the face and was hit with an unsportsmanlike conduct penalty.

Brown wasn’t happy about getting taken out of the game and appeared to go after one of Alabama’s assistant coaches on the sideline.

It’s safe to say that coach Saban isn’t going to be happy with Brown after he sees the tape after the game.

Update: Yahoo Sports caught up with Brown after the game and the Bama linebacker regretted losing his cool during the national championship game.

Via Yahoo Sports

“I really felt like a jerk,” Brown told Yahoo Sports in the Alabama locker room. “That’s not how I am. I wanted to win, that’s what it was. I did something stupid. I could have cost us the game.”

You have to be mature,” Brown said. “I’m a grown man. I knew I had to make a big play to get my guys to wake up. That’s what I did. That’s definitely out of my character what I did.”

He added: “I knew I had to keep my composure and poise. I could have affected the whole team and I didn’t want to do that.”

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