Kansas City Shortstop Alcides Escobar Has A Gold Land Rover, More Money Than You

Alcides Escobar is currently on a contract that pays him $2.75 million a year. That type of money, while miniscule when put next to the likes of Max Scherzer and Alex Rodriguez, can buy a fella lots of cool toys.

And it appears the Kansas City Royals shortstop has made a wise choice when it comes to his transportation.


That, my friends, appears to be a golden Land Rover glistening in the warm Arizona sun.

Many aspects of the photo make me jealous. I covet the vehicle itself, the bravery to have such a paint job and, mostly, the ability to step outside without Mother Nature dropkicking me in the groin.

A tip of the cap on the purchase, Mr. Escobar. You lament 100 percent of the purchases you don’t make.