Alcides Escobar Hit An Inside The Parker On The First World Series Pitch The Royals Faced

Wow, what a way to start the Royals’ bats in the 2015 World Series. Only minutes before the game, it was make public that Kansas City’s scheduled starting pitcher Edinson Volquez lost his father earlier today. He still goes out and puts in a scoreless top of the first, then BOOM his teammate Alcides Escobar steps up and does THIS on the first pitch he sees.

The baseball Gods must be watching tonight!

[mlbvideo id=”526261683″ width=”400″ height=”224″ /]

It only took Escobar 15 seconds to round all four. Wheels!

I don’t think I can recall a more memorable start to a World Series. And that’s because it’s the first lead-off inside the park homer in seen in the World Series since 1903. Amazing. At the time of publication the Royals lead 1-0 by Alcides Escobar’s hand in the Top of the 2nd.

[via MLB]