Alex Rodriguez Infuriates The Internet With His Non-Stop Insistence Of Bunting In The Worst Situations

Tom Pennington/Getty Images

Remember last year when Alex Rodriguez suggested Phillies’ Jay Bruce lay down a sacrifice bunt to move the runner to third because even leads are better than odd ones for reasons that defy logic?

I remember wanting to ask A-Rod who his drug guy is, but then remembered it was Biogenesis of America.

Mr. Rodriguez put his booth tomfoolery on full display yet again during the painful Reds vs. Braves Wild Card matchup Wednesday, a game that was not only the longest scoreless game in MLB postseason history but also had the most combined strikeouts in MLB postseason history as well.

The game drove everyone crazy, including A-Rod, who suggested Braves’ Dansby Swanson and Ozzie Albies to lay down sacrifice bunts in situations that didn’t warrant them.

The world wide web took notice.

I want to remind the general public that cyber-bullying is bad, even if the victim is worth nine-figures, slapping skins with Jennifer Lopez, and has somehow endeared himself to everyone after lying for decades. Please keep this in mind on your next bunt tweet.

Thank you for your service.

Speaking of service, we’ve got a new podcast up and running folks! It’s called The Endless Hustle, and we examine the lives and aspirations of your favorite athletes.

Our first guest is former Rangers enforcer Sean Avery, who talks about his hatred for NYC mayor Bill de Blasio, his Call Her Daddy beef, his role in Christopher Nolan’s new film TENET, and ZERO bunting talk!

Your positive reinforcement means everything to me. I am nothing without it.

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