MLB Fans Want To Know What Drugs Alex Rodriguez Is Injecting After He Explains Baffling Baseball Strategy On ‘Sunday Night Baseball’

John Lamparski/Getty Images

Somebody please call for help, Alex Rodriguez has blown my brain to pieces and I need someone to help me mop it up.

I will forever be in awe of A-Rod for going from the biggest pariah in professional sports to beloved public figure who guys respect, moms adore, and J-Lo fucks.

But Rodriguez’s time in the announcers booth has tested my patience, as the 14-time All Star often just says shit just to say shit.

Take for instance, Sunday night’s Mets-Phillies game. A nationally televised game in conjunction with Sunday Night Baseball.

In the bottom of the 7th with the Phillies up 2-1, A-Rod suggested Jay Bruce lay down a sacrifice bunt to move the runner to third. Why? It’s too dumb to even explain. Just listen to the clip below.

“I just love the bunt here. I love getting over to third base, making the game 3-1. You always want even leads vs. odd leads. Why? The solo home run doesn’t tie it and the grand slam doesn’t beat you.”

A 4-2 lead is > than an 18-3 one. Got it.

Hey A-Rod, I award you no points, and may God have mercy on your soul.

I think there’s just one thing left to be said:

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