Alex Ovechkin Got LOOSE At His Russian Wedding Reception And It Looked Like An Awesome Night

Washington Capitals star Alexander Ovechkin married Nastya Shubskaya last year after getting engaged just 14 months after Ovechkin broke off his engagement with professional tennis star Maria Kirilenko. Even though they were married last year, Alexander and Nastya held a wedding reception this past weekend in Moscow and if Instagram videos of Alexander Ovechkin are any indication it looks like it was one hell of a party.

Ovechkin was seen dancing around shirtless (Gronk-style) to ‘Rasputin’ by rapper Boney M. There were insanely gorgeous Russian Ballet dancers on hand and I’m not sure if that’s a sign of opulence in Russia or if every wedding features ballet dancers. His wedding cake was the size of a golf cart. All in all, this looks like it was a fucking awesome party and it appears as if Alexander Ovechkin is really enjoying the offseason:

Bowls of Red Caviar on the table. Now THAT is a nice touch, and something you can really only pull off at a Russian/Eastern European wedding. If you tried to do that here in the States you’d just end up looking like someone who doesn’t know how to spend all of their money.

If you’re wondering about that ‘Rasputin’ song performed by Boney M you can head on over to The Comeback where they’ve got a paragraph history of the song and an explanation of why Alexander Ovechkin chose it for his wedding.